Easy Access

Students have immediate access to the course materials on the first day of class. No worries. No searching. We bill enrolled students after the Add/Drop periods ends along with Tuition & Fees. Students don't have to wait for financial aid to pay for what they need.

Great Price

The WKU Store negotiates with publishers to get you great discounts. Once instructors chose the products in our program, we update our course listings so all students enrolled in these course will be billed automatically.

No Hassle

If a student drops his or her class during the Add/Drop period, he or she will not be bill. After the Add/Drop, we bill enrolled students to their Student Bill.

Print Resources Available

Most Day One Access courses have an optional print copy that students may purchase to supplement digital content.

Opt-Out Deadlines
Course Session Deadline
Spring 2020
1st Bi-Term
1st Five-Week
Full Term
2nd Five-Week
2nd Bi-Term
3rd Five-Week

Easy Opt-Out

If a student feels that this program is not for him or her, that student can opt-out of this program in one of two ways:

  1. Most courses offer an opt-out button in Blackboard. If so, use that option.
  2. Some courses do not. If that is the case, use the "Opt-Out" link below.